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Launch Moved Up to to of +, Streamer Tells

Netflix initially asked for a 'soft $65 ,' or per , but sources say many advertisers aren't willing to that ..

Netflix is moving up the for the debut of its cheaper, ad-supported plan to November — in order to get out before the Dec. 8 launch of the Disney+ tier with .

In July, Netflix told investors that it was targeting the launch of the ad-supported plan “around the early part of 2023.”

, Netflix’s ad-supported is set to go live Nov. 1 in multiple countries, including the , , ., and , according to industry sources who have been briefed on the streamer’s plans. That would be a little over a month before Disney+ Basic, priced at $7.99/month, hits the market in the U.S.

Netflix to comment.

“We are still in the early days of deciding how to launch a lower-priced, ad-supported tier and no decisions have been made,” a company rep said.

Netflix is asking for a $10 million minimum in from right now, according to one source. The company wants to lock in by . 30 to meet the Nov. 1 launch date.

Netflix has told ad buyers it expects to have about 500,000 on its ad-supported plan by the end of 2022.

Netflix hasn’t settled on but is reportedly looking at between $7-$9 per .

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