Is ? The term live food does not refer to eating alive, but rather , , and , approximately 115 , consumed for optimizing , , as well as delicious taste. The terms "live" or "living" food are used to differentiate the inclusion of sprouted and growing plants from simply plants such as , , and .

Kristine Nolfi, is credited with coining the term " " in the 1940s to describe the when writing about of with . Live, raw, living foods are , , or , and ideally are , that is, grown without the use of , , , or (GMO). above 115 degrees the beneficial , , , and life force of plants to .

Why Live Food?
Cooked food creates acidity and toxicity in the body, a fundamental key to cellular degeneration. Living plant material is the ultimate nutrient delivery system for the body because it contains much more than just chemicals; it contains complex living energies that plants absorb from the sun, moon, Earth, cosmic radiation, sounds of nature, lightning, animals, and the highly homeopathic water found in nature..

The Is | AJ+ | are across the . We look into the spread of and in , and , and which are . (Hint: It's not just 's and .)


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