3 | BTW WE came to South and North Beach Miami. . We walked down onside of the block and back up the other --like we said we would;) NO where to HIDE and nowhere to RUN! We know EVERYTHING!

The Miami Tower is a Mockery btw. We now know where you all live;) ;) 2 Illegal u turns. Almost pulled that loser out of his car by the hair in front of the police station;)

There is only 2 things in this world we don't break! 🇺🇸

1. is our Balls!
2. is our Word!

You say this is not a war against the 🇵🇸 Palestine's yet you have MURDERED OVER 26,000 OF THEM >> 3/4 and ??

🇮🇱 Why? Bc you are a yellow bellied Cowards!. You will not go in and dig out to get your like the WOULD DO!

Its just that you are too BRAIN-DEAD TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO..

There a 1000’s of ways to SKIN A CAT! Without killing innocent women and children.

Listen up I will only tell you this once. UNLIKE YOU DIRT BAGS we have a in the . NO WOMEN OR CHILDREN EVER!

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