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Ben the first time I met a he was and SELF ADMITTING ACTIVE . (30 years ago) -- TO SAY THE LEAST. I have met many as well over the years ;) ✝️ 🇵🇸 🇮🇱

I also worked for a (Bragged that he was 1 of the twelve tribes like as if that mattered to me?) as well--while I help him with his MASSIVE retirement home overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Florida.

At the end of the Job he stood there looking out the windows of his Gulf Panoramic View – just him and I in the room and I asked him one (1) question?


He remained silent and the REAL Christian left the room;).. Never heard from him again. You See BEN many STAND THE !.. There are afraid to face the TRUTH about themselves. If you NEVER admit to a Problem there is NEVER a NEED for a Solution. Right Ben?;)

How Convenient..

BEN one of the most prevalent difference between Judaism and Christianity is the fact that Jesus died on the Cross and rose again for 40 days AFTER DEATH where a minimum of 500 recorded in the bible saw Jesus ALIVE! Over 500 Ben.. That Jews never talk about?

IS HE IS ! Walking among us as we speak!

I’M GONNA KEEP IT SIMPLE bc Jesus was a simple Son of GOD/MAN in the Flesh.

Your sill waiting for your -are you not? When HE has already come and gone that you have not recognized and have REJECTED GOD in the process --so that the Pharisees could retain control remember? Pharisees >> Jews >>> ZIONISTS -- not much has changed from where I stand.

During the 3 days after Christs death Jesus went into HIMself and took the to ..where Jesus (aka GOD) is the OF AS WELL AS THE as it has always been >> (NOT YOU.. Satan, JEWS, ZIONIST OR NAZI'S).

Jesus said that HE came as a Humble Man the first time. The 2nd time he comes back as a roaring lion who will take all CREDIT and WILL RECEIVE all RECOGNITION as GOD for eternity.

In other words, OF COMING !

YES! God has chosen the Jewish people back in the day. God has not chosen the Jews to murder NOW 26,000 thousand and IN on his lands in !!!

What is wrong with you people?? You have never been right from Day 1?? There is NO WAY GOD would APPROVE of you Murdering 26,000—HIS NO MATTER WHAT YOUR REASONS ARE—VALID OR NOT!!

Satan hates God. Therefore Satan Hates Gods Creation. Thar's you and I btw.. UGH! You are doing the bidding of Satan and you don’t even know it? Your COMPLICIT in our Books as well as GODS.

He will remove all of you who have committed these atrocities ON HIS CREATIONS CALLED HUMAN BEINGS.

There is absolutely no excuses for what has done. It only shows that the JEWISH people are in-fact ! aka Community ATM??

By 26.000 murders IN COLD BLOOD you are summoning WHO IS IN FACT the (The MESSIAH all Jews have been waiting for--but ! >> 'S_MESSIAH!).

After-all it is a and a ;)

HAS THE BEN: In that dark moment of death where even God Himself could not Look at his son on that Cross; had to turned away for a brief moment; “God why art tho forsaken me? Jesus asked.

Imagine that was your son on that cross? And you were the FATHER?...

Because HE (THE ) took on all YOUR UPON HIMSELF-- , AND so that YOU could live and be redeemed and set free of your sins that you are committing as we speak. Everyone has missed the Mark Ben. Everyone has fallen short of the GLORY of GOD>>


~Which God Detests~

Btw the 10 commandants are there for those who do not obey the law. Christians have been set free from the law and sin. How, On that day at the cross Jesus cHRIST took on SINS >> past present and future and why we Christians can simply ask GOD for forgiveness and immediately get on with our day:)

~to ;) ~ grin.. Come swim against the Stream;) Its a Great WORKOUT!;)

Jesus Christ not only fulfilled HIS PROMISE to never Flood the World again in order to GET OF that had become Rampant 2000 YEARS and NOW HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF WITHIN the --which has propelled the second coming of Jesus Christ --AS WELL AS THE --as we speak.

The Jews ( RUN ) are calling for the (their MESSIAH) and they don't even know it??

In other words the are calling the as we speak and unfortunately -- Ben you are COMPLICIT. And at the end of your life on judgment day by Jesus Christ himself REAL Christians believe that you will be sentenced to HELL for eternity. The Truth will be fully revealed to you then --BUT TOO LATE.

One Question Jesus Christ (aka GOD HIMSELF) will ask, “Why should I let you into the Kingdom of Heaven” ? And it not a multiple choice question btw BEN;) May your find HIM NOW!

Also that beeny will not let you into the . Only your ability to become a --if that is even possible?

You believe in 1/2 of TRUTH BEN which equates to a 100% .. Unfortunately:(

Btw the only reason I am telling you this is bc I you;) And want to see you in the Kingdom of Heaven for .

We can catch up then..;)

Confronts About


Sincerely, DavidV

📛 DISCLAIMER: We Cover the 'Way' the is ! 👿


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