🤬 Capitol riots timeline: What happened on 6 January 2021? 💣

US President ( OF 34 OF 🚔 ) has been charged with plotting to overturn his 2020 election defeat.

He is accused of four counts including conspiracy to defraud the US, tampering with a witness and conspiracy against the rights of citizens.

The indictment caps an inquiry into events which led up to the 6 January 2021 riot at the US Capitol - when supporters of Mr Trump stormed Congress in a bid to thwart the certification of Joe Biden's election victory.

Mr Trump, who is again running for president, denies wrongdoing.

Here are the key moments from 6 January 2021.

* 08:17
President Donald Trump tweets allegations of vote fraud ahead of his rally in Washington DC.

* 10:58
Members of the Proud Boy movement, a right-wing militia, are seen heading towards the Capitol. Speaking to Newsnight's US correspondent David Grossman, one member of the group says: "We're taking our country back."

One of the group has a radio. "It was clear he was communicating - getting messages, sending messages to somebody," our correspondent said.

* 12:00
President Trump begins his speech to supporters in Washington. Some 15 minutes into it, he starts urging them to converge on the Capitol.

"I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard," he said.

* 12:53
As the president speaks, a crowd outside the Capitol is swelling. They begin marching towards the police barrier and get past officers. The police, outnumbered, try to contain them.

Trump supporters wield flags and weapons. One man stands on a makeshift gallows, complete with a noose. The crowd chants: "Fight for Trump."

Mr Trump ends his speech with the words: "We fight. We fight like hell and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. So let's walk down Pennsylvania Avenue."

Shortly afterwards a Capitol police officer calls for backup.

"They're throwing metal poles at us," he says. "Multiple law-enforcement injuries," he adds in a panicked voice.

Capitol police send an evacuation warning.

Protesters surge past Capitol police protecting the west steps, the side facing the White House.

Minutes later, an officer declares there is a riot at the Capitol. "We're going to give riot warnings," he says. "We're going to try to get compliance but this is now effectively a riot."

* 14:13
Secret Service quickly and suddenly evacuate Mr Pence from the Senate floor.

The protesters break through the windows. They push inside, hopping through the broken glass. They then kick open the doors to let others in. Some wear hoods and helmets, some hold cameras or Confederate flags.

An immediate recess of the Senate is called.

A minute later, Officer Eugene Goodman runs to respond to the initial breach. He warns Senator Mitt Romney that the mob is approaching. Mr Romney turns and runs through a capitol hallway to safety.

The mob, a floor below them, has already begun to search for the Senate chamber.

Officer Goodman makes his way down to the first floor where he encounters the mob.

He lures the armed rioters away from the upper chamber. Many of these individuals have been calling for Mr Pence to be hanged.

By that point, the rioters are "within 100ft" (30m) of Mr Pence and a foot away from one of the doors to the chamber. Many senators are still inside.

At the same time, Ms Pelosi is rushed from the house floor. She is evacuated entirely from the Capitol complex to a secure off-site location.

Her staff barricade themselves into a conference room, hiding under a table.

Staff members of the House leader speak softly, frantically, to each other. Just outside, rioters are spreading out across the building, searching for Ms Pelosi herself.

The rioters chant: "Where are you Nancy?" In an audio clip, we hear one staff member whisper: "They're pounding on doors trying to find her."

One man breaks open the outer door to the office where the staff are hiding, but not the inner door. Another tries as well, but eventually moves on.


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