| | The Banks that are First Republic is not because of WHATSOEVER imho.


These banks Messed up BIGTIME. Here is what happened. Notice they NEVER refer to the word () when all of the banking problems you are now seeing is because of and they do NOT KKNOW how to fix it.


Bank of America,
J.P. Morgan Chase,
Wells Fargo
Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley

= 30 Billion

HFT has been scraping all obscured profits of the Top for years--Compounded with the reckless money printing to do one thing very well.

the and funnel profits to the 1% of the 1%

Wherever there are there are always LOSERS..

HFT is not . It does not care about Winners or Losers --so the software program cannot differentiate between who is who and what is what.

Our !;) In layman terms; the above banks are simply GIVING BACK SCRAPED HFT FUNDS (VIA HFT TECHNOLOGY) because they ended up of their ; that could start a effect -- other WORLDWIDE. imho


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