Our 2 cents when it comes to

Father of 4. FOR 8 YEARS.

All kids get a cell phone while in kindergarten. Why do we need books when in each Child's pocket is Encyclopedia Britannica. No need for books whatsoever?

They have access to the most vile vids and pictures of pornography's in their pockets all day long --while parents permit it??. Do you see where I am going here?

If you consider yourself an adult parent then you know that a Childs character and personality is completed formed by the ages of 7.

Transsexuals and lgbtq know this as well.

Mental Disorder was removed from the DSM in the twilight hours while the good people slept. BTW.

Soon that ruling will be reversed back to the original diagnoses as a mental disorder -which even the POPE has RECENTLY confirmed.

So why the big hoopla about books. Take your kids out of school and teach them yourselves if you are that concerned??

The problem with many young parents is you have children raising children.

We home-schooled for 8 years and all accelerated beyond their capacity.

After 8 years it ONLY took 3 weeks in a public school for them to completely become DUMBED DOWN as ignorant:(

hope that helps

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