An Elephant Never Forgets! 3 Years Ago | I was Blind but Now I Can See??;)

GLOBAL BANKING SYSTEMS on the Brink OF Financial, Economic, Social and Political ? | "Prophecy"?

What is USA and should YOU be CONCERNED? All 3 years ago right here on . We tried to ALL BUT .. see Vid for FULL STORY below.

from delivers a assessment on the state of developed .


* The in the under is of . Corporate American is the MOST highly Leveraged it has ever been. 3 trillion dollars sitting at TRIPLE B?"

* But Debt is NOT the Problem in the United States.. Its .. ..

are NOW OVER 124 ?? That means is that the USA Government has promised to pay people 124 Trillion dollars?? But they haven't Funded it that's why its a UNFUNDED LIABILITY.. Where the Hell is the USA Government going to get 124 TRILLION Dollars From?..

* "What is your perspective on the state of the Bond Market happening today and What are the implications of ?"

* "1998 Asian financial Crisis | All Asian Governments wanted to PRINT MONEY while (International Money Fund) says NO! NO! NO! you cant do that because if you so you are gonna end up like ZIMBABWE.. BANKS WENT BUST..??"

* "2007 AND 2008 NOT GLOBAL but Financial Crisis REVISITED.. There was absolute SHOCK IN ASIA?? What did Western Governments and Central banks do?? They did exactly what they had told Asian Governments NOT TO-DO 10 YEARS EARLIER?? They went and PRINTED MONEY??"

* "In the Emerging World Economic and Monetary Policy is Broadly Orthodox' it's the that is running Economic and Monetary Policy and its the that is NOW on the ??

Emerging Markets ARE a SAFE HAVEN NOW. Its the DEVELOPED WORLD that is really at RISK NOW..??"

No more Bullets left in the Gun. The West has fired all its Bullets.

* "Take my dear mother in London for example. She Feels POOR and she feels she has to economize with her spending.."

* "The only people who've made MONEY in the last 10 years are the 1% of the 1%.. (!) 99.99% of the rest of the population have been left behind (EXCLUSION?)."

* What we never had to deal with before is a IN THE ?? What Happens when that goes ??..

* "In an environment where the WEST FINALLY WAKES UP and Takes the Medicine it's going to impact EVERYBODY including EMERGING MARKETS..? Emerging Market Balance sheets are far stronger than the DEVELOPED WORLD."

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