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Yes! The is Occurring.. (aka ). And.. lots of possible in those Milliseconds.. now (billionth of a second) with Fiber Optic Cable -that much WE can tell you!

Do you remember 1 minute billing with () back in the day?

We do – I was a Telemarketing Supervisor calling up businesses to save them thousands to millions per year on frivolous phone charges. (aka TELCO ) No matter how long you spoke on the phone (5 seconds, 30 or 60 seconds) you were charged for 1 minute? (aka One Minute Billing)

I think it was (BTW.. In case you don't know?? That's called folks!) who came up with 30 second billing; then 5 second billing.. (eg.) If you spoke on phone for 5 seconds and cost was $0.30 cents per minute your adjusted gross cost would be $0.025 per minute:)

General Public was not offered 5 second billing at first -only businesses for years?? Sound familiar?

: In (aka now ) the general public only sees per second transactions when in fact many trades on services and products are done in milliseconds. (A millionth of a second..)

What does that mean? It means Behind the Scene Trades occurring in milliseconds; now Nanoseconds, which if written in C++ is quite . So by the time a trade goes public the General public are only trading in seconds -not milliseconds or nanoseconds..

SIDE NOTE: High Frequency Trading () was and by WEBTRAFFICBROKERS.COM AKA H.I.S ENTERPRISES IN 1999. We bought ATT&T.NET with our software. Can be confirmed with ICANN and AT&T before Redemption Period was in place by the register -- .

? See and attached below

In this case Gender Discrimination..?? Apple Co-founder says Apple Card algorithm gave Wife Lower Credit Limit??

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