| Here is a Chart from . Seen it many times --but perhaps you have not?

This is our .

is ..

We try to keep things simple --so that even a can understand and participate;) ZERO -UNLESS OF COURSE !;(

. platform completed, all on-boarding done. 100m Reach.
Seeking 1 Million for world wide. Will trade stock option$.. (;).

And btw after 7 years (25 years total) in Development --we are Global and can do this with or without investors. But we seek like-minded that are . And want to make a difference and Change all directions for and and for for !

Should be asking for a BILLION really.. based on what the losers paid for a 15 year failing platform called (44 Billion UGH!)?? 180 character spamming and surveillance platform since the beginning of time. 100% EXCLUSION AND POWERED BY .

-we are . Always have been --always will be! Right here in Sarasota Florida.
Remeber your DAD from Sarasota takes over the internet;) Unlike most of Brick and Mortar Companies excluding we are Number #1 in TECH.

Hiring Overseas Freelancers since 1999. See Below for full experience that few if any have..

Ready to launch and we are in Series C funding (30 Million valuation) and have not launched let;) Not on purpose but by design w/ proven track record. See attached.

Do not let the Opportunity of a lifetime pass you by..

And based on Climate Change and Pollution; life expectancy is undetermined. (TBD - to be determined).

Yes we Cannot take it with US but at least there will be $ you can leave behind for your loved ones AND CHILDREN --CAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO IT!

Book a quick chat w/ davidV here:

here is a little about us..

After 12 years as a mortgage broker I decided to roll up my sleeves and delve into the Internet. It was calling my name:). We pioneered online lead generation in the mortgage industry in 2000 via SEO techniques. (which btw was one of the highest competitive fields on the net at that time)

Long story short -built my first mortgage website from scratch, took a few online courses on SEO algorithms and before I knew it I had 2500 (twenty five hundred) 1003's (Loan applications) sitting on my desk from all across the USA! Wondering, what now?

I took them to my local Correspondent Lender and plopped them on his desk. He glared at me thinking something was illegal. He had no clue what to do with them or me, so I pick up the pound or two of paper and walked out.

Finally I figured out how I could sell them on the net with borrowers permission. Mortgages btw are bought and sold on the secondary market.

Shortly after it dawned on me that if I could generate 1000’s of fully completed 4-page loan applications online, what is stopping me from doing the same with any product or service, which to me, would be so much easier.

-at a click of a mouse. Before we knew it we were one of the largest traffic providers on the net during 2001 and 2008. We provided highly targeted and qualified SE traffic to all the major pay per click engines online for the next 7 years. was able to secure traffic from major search engines in excess of 200 million unique visitors per month starting in 2001.

Internet Marketing & Advertising:

* Inventor & Founder of the First Screen Recorder on planet (desktop>>applets) (Stolen in 2002)
* Inventor & Founder of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
* Inventor & Founder of RTB (REAL TIME BIDDING) powering all Big Tech (Stolen in 2007)
* Inventor & Founder of HFT (High Frequency Trading) powering all USA Stock Markets (Stolen in 2007)

See attachment for Additional , and .


CONNECT Today for EARLY . TastingTraffic LAUNCHING SOON!

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISING! | If it Tastes Good, You Gotta LOVE IT! (Patent Pending).

Upon launch all will be notified.

* Software Architect (PhD) Supervisor -25 years 100K PMS hours
* Founder of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
* Founder of RTB (Real Time Bidding)
* Founder of HFT (High Frequency Trading) ® (Decentralized SOCIAL Network | Signup for Early Invite); ® (); ® (Just Blame Wayne & Post it);
Davidv.TV ® (Big Faith | Christianity RAW 101) are not affiliates of this provider or referenced images used. This is NOT an endorsement OR Sponsored (Paid) Promotion/Reshare.

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