🙏🏾 Why 's People Are ! People... 🙏🏾 2,527,762 views Streamed live on May 18, 2022 | Why are so many are and 's people broke?

Youtube comments:

* I’m a recovering this video came to my feed randomly. I feel this is a message straight from God it brought me to tears. I’m only 28 and still have a full life ahead I pray God will deliver me from this sickness of gambling. I had thoughts about my life because I felt stuck and . I now see God is reaching out to me and I will accept him into my life. I my recovery will continue and that I will never gamble or smoke weed again. Today I turn a new page in my chapter. All praise to the most high ❤

* I was lead to your channel right after I finished over my . I realized that I had been praying for increase (from a place of ) but neglecting to pray over the that God has already me with. Hearing you speak about and the resonated with me. You are amazing and I’m grateful for what you are sharing.

* When you talked about having to , that brought me back 7 years to when I heard a message by Ken Davis that had a profound impact on my life. "Living Life w/Gusto–Nothing to Lose, Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Prove" Now I know the 4th principle of that, having nothing to gain.🙏🏾I want to use my business as a tool to help others break the curse of poverty and build generational wealth and I'm so glad I've discovered your work. Going to binge watch your Bible studies as part of the wealth study I'm doing. Could you please teach on the scripture "seek not to be rich"? That's one that I don't think I fully understand because I also know a good man leaves an inheritance to his children. So how can we do that if we don't accumulate wealth (or what some would call riches)? Thanks, Dr. Golden!


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