Google is too big to fail, and yet they seem to be failing at basic things they used to do well (like search) while removing useful features (like cache) and adding a bunch of crap nobody needs or wants.

Want to know if a given domain name shows up anywhere in search? Well screw you, we're not going to tell you that anymore, but here's 1,400 completely useless and irrelevant results that could possibly have some info (but don't). When the search engine could have done what it's done for years, and admit that it doesn't know WTF you're talking about and say "no results found." Now it just makes shit up if it doesn't know the answer.

Hey cool! My search result shows the term I was looking for is present on 7 websites. Shoot! None of them are online anymore. How about showing us your cached version of the site, you know the one that was used to create this search result? Oh wait, no, you can't see that anymore. Why? Here's Danny Sullivan's dismissive and mystifying explanation: "“It was meant for helping people access pages when way back, you often couldn’t depend on a page loading,” Sullivan wrote on X. “These days, things have greatly improved. So, it was decided to retire it.”

Want software? Great, Google will serve a malicious ad on top that looks a lot like an organic search result but which is paid for by scammers and installs malware.



! News Alert! 2 SELLING MORE AGAIN! is their OWN DATA Rendering ! And they don’t even know it… see below.

What happened to ? and/or ? Etc. etc. LLC BOTH!;) Overnight!

LLC debunked Long ago--many times. btw.. Google still under investigation by the --that will Never Be Finalized?? PROOF of more Meddling .

We have 100% and that the of has Stolen your as well as your Worldwide. ( a 500 Company)

But know one asks us ever for the evidence or Proof.. NO ONE?? Confirmation of an Major & COVER-UP (s) over the last 7,300 days / 2 decades / 20 years??

Do not use for anything. (SECURE CODE BEHIND PRYING EYES IN-HOUSE SERVER SIDE) or lose everything--your choice?

..and these are Blatant LIES and more HYPE by Controlled Mainstream News Outlets in our USA NO LESS? Called ..

GET OUT of OUR Country NOW! You are Terrorist and Murders of 26,000 innocent civilians in Gaza >>> and are not welcomed in the USA anymore!

Don’t be Fooled folks you are listening to via Proxy Propaganda Machine out of CNBC () = aka .

There is ; its all ! Google’s >> Renamed to was also ! They don’t know what to call themselves since all are . Like Elon Musk everything the will !

All they know how to do IS CHANGE THE NAME and RE-BRAND the same TECH through HYPE under a different name over and over again (LIKE ) to cover their ! And that my friends is the REAL TRUTH behind Israeli . They sacrificed 1200 (WALL BEACHED SECURITY WAS 100% ALGORITHMS w/o Human assistance Is Proof of MAJOR ) of their own Citizens for Software tech that was easily .

could have that --NOT just !

After-all was Using a Compromised (WEAK) . Any could get in. Why? Because there is no code (AI is a Fantasy) >> on the planet that can operate and/or function as intended UNSUPERVISED >> WITHOUT 24/7 . Proof Israeli's Engineers Murdered their own Citizens! (DavidV exp. 200K Project management hours under belt since 1999)

They their own people--if the BE ! And the Jewish Citizens TRUSTED them and many unfortunately were Killed >> then tried to place the ON AND PUNISHMENT w/ Vengeance against the people—like as if they had something to do with it... UGH!

At the cost of 26,500 murdered innocent Victims (Civilians NO LESS)?? How much does the Israeli/s Zionist Value an American Life?? I will answer it for you.. $0.00 USD!

But they need our to Survive?? Who wants to pay taxes now to FUND GENOCIDE of Children!?

After ! Incited the Murder of his last running mate; calling him and when in-fact ! is the murdering ! Responsible. In charge of the United States of America??

You are all LUNATICS! Sexual immorality >> Murder >> Mental Illness. The path you have chosen.

~Reverse Software Engineer 27 Years~

This could be MORE --as well, for all we know??.. You See folks how can you anything or anyone when Israel and has just committed while the TURNS A EYE. When Instead, our Military should of went into and ALL OF THEM. Instead of Military Support! Starting with Biden’s Cabinet!


Google’s new (aka !) is getting a mixed reception after its big debut last month, but users may have in the company’s or after that the most impressive of WAS PRETTY MUCH !

Static Page: Google’s best Gemini demo was faked

ACTUAL HERE: Hands-on with : ?? ( *T! ) with AI..??

Just 2 problems:

1. The isn’t . “We created the demo by capturing footage in order to test ’s capabilities on a wide range of challenges. Then we prompted Gemini using still image frames from the footage, and prompting via text.” ( was the first to the .)

2. is their Rendering Targeting ! Aka USELESS ..And they don’t even know it...


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